Because ServiceByte focuses on hardware, software, and computer systems, we have to keep up with the latest developments in the field. Fact is, no other IT support consultants in Westchester know more about the technology than we do. Here’s what we do for you. Let’s start with the basics:

Computer and Cloud Services

We service and support a full range—from personal to business—computers and systems. Foggy about what cloud services are? Cloud services simply means that you have clear access to applications and resources via the Internet from our servers. All fully managed by us. So, no more saying “our servers are down.” You simply won’t have to depend on your own office servers. Just depend on us.

Mobile Device Support

Need to set up a complex email system? What about synchronizing all your mobile devices? Even if you just need to learn the latest twists in smartphones and tablets, ServiceByte is right at your side. Every time.

Website Development

Where do you start if you want to build a new website, or make yours work better? We offer both these website services with an easy and logical strategy. Affordable, too

Next, you’d think that we’d say that we’re the best. We’re not. Remember grade school grammar? The rule of comparison was simple. Good, better, best. When you hear IT companies compare themselves to their competitors, they all say that they’re the best.  Can they all be the best? They can. You see, if they keep up with the technology, they’ll offer you the best information—the best help—available. We do, too. If you think about it, being good is just ordinary, best becomes average, and better becomes comparative.  So here’s the new rule: good, best, better. Confused? Don’t be. Just remember, everyone can be best, but it takes something extra to be a little better. ServiceByte. We’re just a little better.

No geek talk. No uhms or ahs. No garble. When you talk with us, no matter how technologically intricate the subject is, we use simple, plain language to make sure you understand. If you don’t, and need further clarification, just ask.  We don’t use geek talk. No hesitation with uhms or ahs. No mumble, or garbled, evasive, or misleading answers that plant the seeds of disappointment. Simply put, we want you to understand what we do for you. Completely.

A better way to work with you.

Remote services that are far from remote.

If you need help solving a problem, contact us. Just key in [email protected] We’ll call you back usually within 2 hours. At most, 4 hours. Even if you only have 1 question, no matter how trivial it is.

Most times we can help you right on the phone. If need be we access your computer, with your approval, to help guide you through the solution as we speak, using our unique ServiceByte remote access system. Remote and friendly at the same time, it’s civilized customer service.

Offsite, onsite, insight.

We have the insight to know if the solution to your computer problem needs more than our remote service. So, we’ll hit the road and come to your office or home, at your convenience. And if we have to work on your equipment at our workshop, we’ll take your computer with us, and return it when it’s working. We think this is a better way to do business. It’s a better way for you, too. No lugging. No schlepping. No kidding.

The Roads Gallery

When any of our team gets on the road it’s because we know that your needs are more than crucial. They’re urgent. Of course, we’re properly serious. But with a smile.

Kish Melwani
Jancarlos Reyes
Chris Chiffriller
Ryan Brackenrig

Two phone numbers. No waiting.

There are two ways to call us. Toll-free  866.220.4720 or a local number 914.362.1000. Either way you can reach us.   You can email us, too: [email protected]  Our address is 500 Executive Blvd STE 306, Ossining, NY 10562

Email Us Directly or call us at:

(914) 362-1000

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