Our People Make All The Difference

Our team has deep IT expertise. We take pride in our work, have fun, and it shows. As a client you’ll love how we put you first, keep you informed and take responsibility to proactively make sure that your business is always on. The less you see us the better, but when you do, know it will be a good experience.

Chris Chiffriller

Level 2 Help Desk Technician | Written by Kish

One day I returned from an appointment in 2017 to find a resume that was cleverly slipped under our office door. I was immediately impressed with the initiative of this move. So, I called Chris in for an interview. I hired him and immediately realized that I would be looking up to him quite often. You see, Chris is 6’2″.

You should also know that Chris is fast. I mean, really fast. He accepts and starts working on support tickets before I even know that a new support ticket arrived. He loves helping people with their computer issues, and clients love working with him. He always solves issues expertly and creatively.

We are very fortunate to have him on our basketball, I mean, IT support team.

Ryan Brackenrig

Service Manager | Written by Kish

When I was introduced to Ryan, I was told he was working at a pizzeria and looking for a new job. I was skeptical, because, you know… pizza place. But Ryan showed up impressively with some incredible superpowers.

Ryan started part time with us, and quickly mastered his skills. He moved from being a Junior IT technician to a full time Level 2 technician. In 2020, Ryan impressed us further by helping to develop “ServiceByte Home,” an exclusive members-only support service for select clients. He grew this division mostly on his own, and is now our Service Manager.

Ryan’s greatest superpower is his empathy at the intersection of people and technology. He understands the stress a client feels when their IT is not right, and the business disruption it causes. Clients truly appreciate Ryan. With Ryan, I thought I’d get plain pizza, but instead I got the works.

JC Reyes

Technical Consultant | Written by Kish

When I first met JC, I was impressed. I was impressed at how many Boston cream donuts he could eat. I soon forgot that he ate all the donuts when we started geeking out over his cool plex server.

JC impressed me from day 1. He has done nothing short of magic in the 5+ years since he joined the team. JC is now our Technical Consultant. He supports cloud environments, networks, and servers.

JC is always caring for others. Even outside of work, he’s regularly involved in his congregation at Church and enjoys giving. He gives his time and energy by volunteering at the NYC Marathon, by ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, and by donating his blood at the local blood bank. I just wish he didn’t eat all my donuts.

Matthew Papadopoulos

Level 1 Help Desk Technician | Written by Kish

I made one of the biggest business blunders of ServiceByte’s history in 2020 when I did not hire Matt. It was such a close call. He was one of our top candidates, but we gave an offer to someone else. While that person had a last name that was much easier to spell, he did not work out. Fortunately for us, when we went back to Matt, he agreed to join our team.

Everyone loves Matt’s warm and friendly smile. Clients always appreciate the support Matt provides. He makes it easy for our clients to understand the ins and outs of password security management so they can stay protected. Matt excels at helping our clients develop this much-needed skillset in today’s business environments.

We, and clients, love having Mr. Papadopodoeplos on our team. We are just thankful that there is no requirement to learn how to spell his last name.

Cameron Phipps

Cameron Phipps

Level 1 Help Desk Technician | Written by Kish

Cam is energized by a great challenge. He is more than willing to push beyond limits to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

Cam’s responsibility is to ensure your information is secure and backing up. In the event of an issue, Cam goes on mini-missions to address them as quickly as possible.

On his downtime, Cam enjoys time with family and continuing his education in Cybersecurity

Jonathan Goldszmidt

Jonathan Goldszmidt

Chief Technology Officer | Written by Kish

In 2009, I was a manager at another IT support company, and I met a high school student who was eager for an internship. He had a strong understanding of technology, and exuded potential. But there was one big problem: there was no lunch money. You see this was an unpaid internship, and lunch breaks were very fun, but also costly. So we struck a deal with the boss, and a stipend for lunch was arranged to keep the fun going. Jonathan was an excellent student, and learned very quickly.

Jonathan and I worked together for years. Jonathan co-founded ServiceByte in 2011 with me. When my son was born, and the company was only a few months old, Jonathan ensured we continued to help people while I was on leave.

As our Chief Technology Officer, Jonathan is now my teacher, and I am his student. He ensures the team is using the right technology. Now lunches are even more fun and, best of all, no stipend necessary.

Kish Melwani

Chief Executive Officer | Written by Matt, Ryan, Chris, & JC

To call Kish caring would be an understatement. A client refers to him as “the guy who shoveled my driveway during a winter emergency”. Others talk about Kish’s calming presence or his proactive recommendations. For Kish, caring for his clients and team are priority #1.

Kish is the glue that makes ServiceByte different from typical MSPs. He hires the best technicians (us!) who share his core values. Kish has created a culture that inspires us all. He’s also involved in the community (especially within Peekskill) where he’s on the board of directors and executive committee of the Hudson Valley Chamber of Commerce.

He excels at telling terrible dad jokes and playing with “his son’s” Lego’s. 

Kish has many titles: boss, husband, father, colleague, mentor, but most importantly, he’s a friend. We are very proud to call Kish our friend, and as a client, you’ll feel the same way.

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