Managed IT Services
Made Simple

Serving businesses and homes in Westchester who want fast and expert IT support.

We do our thing,
so you can keep doing yours.

On it

We’re easy to reach, have smart people and love to work fast. We’re on it!

Easy to Reach

Our help desk is easy to reach, with 3 ways to contact us: email, phone or the Simple Button.

Expert Service

We have Level 1 thru Level 3 technicians. This means we can help you with any tech solution no matter how big or small.

Rapid Response

Our team is fast at responding to your computer problems. Our initial response time is usually less than 1 hour.


We’re here or there, anytime
you need us.

Easy Scheduling

You can schedule a time that works for you

Home or Office

Support for your home, office or home-office

Remote or On-Site

We monitor and support remotely or in person

Proactive IT Strategies

We’re especially good at preventing future emergencies.


We'll secure your data from viruses and hackers, and back it up just in case.


We'll actively monitor your server, cloud data, domain, licensing, and other services.


We’ll help you improve security and passwords and protect against phishing and hacking.

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